Passau-West Congregation

Welcome, great to see you!

We, the EFG Passau-West, are a small group of people who are together on their way to God. Once we were without much hope, afraid of death and did not know anything about the purpose of life – just like so many people today. But then, completely undeserved, we experienced in our lives how God though the Lord Jesus gave us a new hope and peace in our hearts. He took the burden of sin off our shoulders and now we can look forward to eternal life in his presence.

We are deeply grateful that God loves us, forgave us and that we can come into his presence without any fear. Therefore we celebrate him together and worship him. We study his true, unchanged and holy word, the Bible. We express our adoration, reverence and thankfulness to him in prayer and songs of worship. We stand together in joy and in troubles and strive to lift each other up in our daily lives. We support our brothers and sisters all over the world who have to suffer persecution. And together we want to be ambassadors of God’s love, not only in words, but also in active deeds.

We cordially invite you to join us in this!

Our Sunday Services

Every Sunday, 10 am until about 11:30 am


94034 PASSAU
(in the building of the Adventistengemeinde)

Public transport: Bus No. 5, departure ZOB at 9:45 – arrival in “Ries” around 9:55

  • Guests always welcome!
  • Sunday School for the children
  • Bible-centered sermons
  • English speakers welcome! Translation available.

Our latest English Sermon

Jesus der Sohn Gottes” von Jeff Goodner

Other Events

At all our events English speaking guests are very welcome – some groups are even exclusively in English! If you are interested, please contact us at – we will get back to you as soon as possible!

A woman holding a bible on her knees

House groups

Every week some of us open their doors and invite everyone to join a small house group. We study scripture together, sing, eat, chat and support each other with good advice and practical help. House groups are a great way to get to know the members of our congregation. They are also great for sharing questions, worries or other requests.

There are English-speaking house groups!

A group of people

Prayer meetings

We regularly meet to pray together. And we can rejoice with King David: “Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me!” (Ps. 66,20)

A man standing in front of a lake

Men’s retreats

We read in Genesis 1:27 that God created mankind as male and female. Today this distinction is somewhat blurred. On our men’s retreats we try to find out how we can become authentic men of God’s will. We encourage each other to become such men. And – of course – there is always plenty of action, sports and companionship.

About us – the EFG Passau-West (Baptists)

Our Leadership

Our Mission

Our mission is to respond to God’s love by following Jesus:

  • in loving God and one another.
  • in uniting and discipling the church.
  • in serving the Passau community.

Near to God and near to the people!

Map of the location


EFG Passau-West
Ries 18a
94034 Passau